Even more important than having a web presence, is maintaining a site that is updated and refreshed regularly. A website that appears old or out of date does not convey a positive message to a visitor who may be a potential client or donor. But is it really a good use of your staff's time to learn HTML? Or is it taking too much of your marketing or public relations staff time to keep the site updated?

We will work with you to determine an efficient and cost effective solution to make sure your website always looks fresh and well-maintained. 

Average cost for website maintenance:
$50-$75 per month for small websites
$100-$150 per month for larger or ecommerce websites

Let us serve as your webmaster - at a fraction of the cost of hiring someone full-time.

What our clients are saying...

  • Your service is unsurpassed; you have done an excellent job with any issues I have had with the website. You are very prompt when I need your assistance. Read more...


    Dianna Casteel, RIPEA
  • Many outside visitors and other professionals in our field have commented that our website appears more polished and is a lot more functional than others in our industry. Read more...
    Stephen Donndelinger, Principal, St. Jude Catholic School
  • With no background in designing or understanding websites, I needed someone who could put together a website to help me market my public speaking business. Read more...
    Jack Gordon, Jack Gordon Lectures
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